Little Miss Curious debuted in season 2 of The Mr. Men Show

(Only Season 2)

Little Miss Curious
Little Miss Curious
Vital statistics
Title Little Miss Curious is curious.
Gender Female
Shape Circleish square
Color Dark Orange
Friends Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Happy, Mr. Quiet
Enimies Mr. Rude(one sided on his part)
Voiced by Sophie Roberts
First Apperance Clean Teeth

Story Edit

Little Miss Curious lives in a question-mark shaped house. One day, she goes to town. On her way out, she asks her door why it makes a squeaking sound when it's not small and furry with big ears and a long tail. Then she asks the flowers why they live in beds but never sleep. They just smile knowingly. Then she goes to Nonsenseland. She meets Mr. Nonsense and asks what kind of sandwich he has. Mr. Nonsense is eating a sand sandwich, a favorite of his. Then she arrives to town and visits the library. She asks the librarian, Mrs. Page, if she can find a book about why the sky is blue and other questions. As she goes on, there was a very long line of people growing longer by the minute. The librarian shouts "Enough!" and Miss Curious leaves. Then she meets Little Miss Careful and asks why she's wearing a rain suit and an umbrella? Is it going to rain? Then Miss Curious runs away at the end.


Little Miss Curious has changed a little bit, she is now a more squarish shape and is darker orange. Her hair and bow have also gotten colored darker.

Role on the ShowEdit

She is usually a background character but she has spoken twice, once along with most of the residents of Dillydale in Suprises, and the other in Trees where her and Little Miss Sunshine were driving and a pinecone fell on her car. Little Miss Curious only has a couple of lines and one of which makes Mr. Rude angry. Other then those two skits, she has never been seen speaking.


  • She is one of the six characters to debut in season 2.
  • She is one of the four characters who still hasn't appeared in the intro and website. The others being Little Miss Bossy, Mr. Tall, and Mr. Funny.
  • She is one of the two characters to only speak in one episode, the other being Mr. Tall.