Little Miss Sunshine is a Little Miss.

Her color is yellow. Her body shape is a circle. She has yellow hair with red bows. She has freckles.

BOOK: On her way home from vacation, Miss Sunshine sees a sign saying "To Miseryland." She enters the town where no one is smiling, laughing, chuckling, and giggling, and it's against the rules. A soldier has arrested her for smiling. He takes Miss Sunshine in the castle to see the King of Miseryland. Miss Sunshine disobeys all the town rules, but takes the King in her car to drive to the rules sign, and with her pen, she changes the town name to Laughterland, and permits all the rules, making the King happy and follow the changed rules, and so do the people of Laughterland. As Miss Sunshine arrives home, Mr. Happy says hello and asks her where she's been. She says "Miseryland." Mr. Happy: "Miseryland? I didn't know there was such a place!" Miss Sunshine giggles. "Actually, there isn't!"

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