Mr. Tall debuted in season 2 of The Mr. Men Show He is a dark blue circle with long legs, brown shoes, and a brown hat.

Mr. Tall
Mr. Tall
Vital statistics
Title The Tallest Mr. Man in all of Dillydale.
Gender Male
Shape Circle
Color Dark Blue
Friends Mr. Messy, Mr. Strong, Little Miss Sunshine
Enimies Mr. Fussy (one sided on Mr. Fussy's part.)
Voiced by Godfrey
First Apperance Driving


Mr. Tall hasn't changed much from his initial book design. He seems to have gotten quite shorter and darker. He also has gained a hat.

Role on the ShowEdit

Despite being usually in the background Mr. Tall has spoken in two episodes Suprises and Travel. Although in Suprises he was seen with many others shouting SUPRISE! with all of the others(Except for Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Helpful, and Mr. Rude.) Altough his voice was not at all noticable.

His first single speaking role was in Travel where he suprises Mr. Fussy and Mr. Strong by saying that he'd be staying with them (courtesey of Mr. Messy) as soon as he arrives bad luck starts to happen, and all that bad luck leads to there cabin being left on the side of a cliff! All of these Mr Men are on one side of the cabin and Mr. Messy's sock cheese is on the other. Mr. Messy's atempt at reiceving his cheese leads to the cabin falling off the cliff and breaking into peices and the Mr. Men being covered in mud which makes Mr. Fussy cry.


  • He is one of the many blue characters on the show
  • He is one of the six characters to debut in season 2.
  • He is the third least vocal of the new characters. Altough being tied with Little Miss Curious for speaking in two episodes he has more lines than her and Mr. Funny(Who has only had one line in the show.)
  • He still hasn't appeared on the Mr. Men Show website yet. He is one of four characters to not do so yet along with Mr. Funny, Little Miss Curious, and Little Miss Bossy.
  • He is one of the many characters on the show who's shape is a circle.


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